About BCA

New Relationships…New Business!

  • Business Clubs America (BCA) is a national business development organization that focuses on building relationships, increasing sales, and promoting member businesses within each locally managed market.
    Hosting multiple events both large and small, providing warm referrals, and facilitating face to face introductions differentiates BCA from other typical networking associations.
  • Our model is a simple one:
    people like doing business with people they know, like, and trust.
  • BCA members are local middle market business owners and CEO’s, as well as high level decision makers from national Fortune 500 Companies.
    As a membership driven club, we offer exclusive participation rights in each core business category. BCA constantly leverages member relationships to provide unique branding, marketing, and promotional opportunities for other members.

Through education, participation, community involvement, and relationship building – the BCA team has successfully assisted in growing and branding companies across the United States for almost 10 years.

History of BCA

Business Clubs America is a national membership driven business organization that serves the middle market business community. Exclusive category memberships allow our members to generate revenue and build relationships with each other and their customers. Founded in 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Business Clubs America has evolved immensely into the effective business model it is today. The vision was to bring companies together in a variety of entertaining and rewarding corporate environments where they have the opportunity to do business with each other and their customers. 

The BCA founding team recognized the lack of an effective business development program for mid and large level companies. They were confident that if they put decision makers from quality, super serving companies together in a variety of forums, they would inevitably develop relationships. BCA took the concept a step further, moving beyond the traditional networking events that are comprised of sales people only, and added the common denominator of sports into the mix. This draw attracts business leaders and executives from their busy schedules, and once at the events, they realize the level of key decision makers present and keep coming back

Jim Perrine

 Owner of Phoenix and Southern Arizona

Jim Perrine enjoyed a 30 year career path in the radio broadcasting industry taking him from salesperson to General Manager and ultimately into ownership. His path also gave him the experience in market sizes ranging from 32 to top 5. The experience was punctuated with a vibrant sales training aptitude which played well into his current endeavor. As a sales trainer who’s philosophy of customer focus and relationship development as the sales template for his sales teams to become successful, it also contributed to the criteria necessary to make a business relationship building endeavor to be forged and successful. 

Evidenced by The Lovitt & Touche Business Clubs America that continues to grow its membership and thus relationships for greater member depth in the business community, it began in second quarter of 2006 and announced itself to the business community at large with the signature event of a breakfast with a nationally renown key note speaker in October 2006. It was to be the bench mark of hospitality that would be the catalyst for member growth held exclusively by each member in their field of endeavor. Shortly thereafter, the Tucson market was going into development and enjoyed a successful kick off in June of 2007. 

The operating company for this business to business organization is Southwest Partnership Development, LLC a name conducive to the core competency of the organization and Jim is the President and CEO. Future market development plans call for Albuquerque, Houston and San Antonio.

Jim Perrine
President and CEO
Southwest Partnership Development, LLC.
Business Clubs America  




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